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Mini Galaxy Grasp
Mini Galaxy Grasp can be used in gynecological, colorectal, gall bladder removal, appendix removal, hernia repair surgeries to grasp and retract the organs or tissues. This method of endo retraction using a Mini Galaxy Grasp helps reduce grasper ports in a standard laparoscopic procedure.

Main Features of Mini Galaxy Grasp are:

  • Ease of Use. No special training required
  • Can be introduced through a 10mm trocar cannula
  • Exerts uniform pressure on the tissue during retraction. The design pressure does not cause trauma to the tissue
  • The miniature size allows easy manipulation within the abdominal cavity
  • Can be introduced using a standard grasper or a clip applicator
  • Can be maneuvered in a desired direction and then hooked at a suitable location in the peritoneum wall
  • Grasper port can be eliminated
  • Can be autoclaved for several cycles
  • Multiple endo retractors can be introduced through a single port cannula for retraction

Clinical Use

The Mini Galaxy Grasp can be used in a variety of standard laparoscopic procedures
where space is a major constraint.

Specialty Procedures
Colorectal Surgery Low Anterior Resection
General Surgery Hernia Repair
Lap. Cholecystectomy


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