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A Pressure Sore, also known as a Bed Sore, is an injury to the skin and the tissue under it. A pressure sore develops when the blood supply that provides the tissue with oxygen and nutrients is cut off, and the tissue dies due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients. The oxygen and nutrients are essential for a healthy tissue. When the patient remains in the same position for a prolonged period of time, it can start the process of tissue breakdown.

Pressure Sores can also be referred to as Pressure Ulcers or Decubitus Ulcers. The damage from a Pressure Sore can range from slight discoloration of the skin (stage one) to open sores that go all the way to the bone (severe). The affected area may feel warmer than the surrounding tissue. In light-skinned people, the discoloration may appear as dark purple or red. In dark-skinned people, the discoloration will appear darker than the surrounding tissue.

Bony prominences are the areas most susceptible to damage (head, elbows, hip, sacrum, knees and heels), but in reality, any area of the body is vulnerable if is not managed, redistributed or relieved.

Research concludes that up to 25% of all Pressure Sores begin during surgery.

Prevention of Pressure Sores using Gel Pads

Gel Pads can be used during surgery and post-surgery in the ICU to position the patient, hence preventing the occurrence of Pressure Sores. Positioning Gel is easily conformable and hence is able to redistribute pressure at highly stressed points on the body.

Lenvitz Medical Solutions has developed a range of pressure relieving pads and plans to introduce more in the near future. All gel pads are made with soft, comfortable and durable Positioning Gel. They can be washed and cleaned with warm water and a soft detergent before reuse. They are latex free and non-hazardous.


Head Base Gel Pad

The Head Base Gel Pads can be placed under the patients head during supine positions. The unique shape conforms to the patients head. The head base gel pad is available in neonatal and adult sizes.

Product Code Dim (mm)
020A001 Φ 200 X 50

Horseshoe Gel Pad

The Horseshoe Gel Pad can be used when the patient is in prone position. The horseshoe shape provides space for intubation tubes for the patient. The Horseshoe Gel Pad is available in adolescent and adult sizes.

Product Code Dim (mm)
Φ 200 X 50
Φ 140 X 40


Prone Head Rest Gel

  • PThe Gel Prone head rest is developed to support the patients head during surgeries requiring the patient to be in prone position
  • The Gel prone head rest design supports the forehead and the chin of the patient
  • This does not cause any pressure on the eyes of the patient that may result in an increase in the intralobular pressure
  • There is sufficient space for the anesthesia tubes to pass through without kinking
  • The Gel prone head rest is an ideal choice for longer duration surgeries

Product Code Dim (mm)
056A001 270 X 220 X 135

Head Ring Gel Pad

The Head Ring Gel Pads can be placed under the patients head during supine positions. The unique shape conforms to the patients head and helps in the healing of a sore occipital bone. The Head Ring Gel Pad is available in adolescent and adult sizes.

Product Code Dim (mm)
Φ 200 X 50
Φ 140 X 35


Heel Cups

  • The heel cups are used for longer duration surgeries to be placed under the heels of the patient
  • It protects the heel and the Achilles
  • The product is provided in pair to prevent any risk of skin breakdown or damage
  • The heel cups are primarily used during the supine position of the patient

Product Code Dim (mm)
190 X 120 X 70

Head Neck Base Gel Pad

The Head Neck Base can be placed under the neck or inferior to the occipital bone of the head to provide extension of the neck muscles during surgeries in the neck region. The product can also be used to support other bony prominences especially in the lower hip.

Product Code Dim (mm)
022A001 Φ 160 X 38


Crutch Gel Pad

The Crutch Gel Pads are designed for use during a gynecological procedure, especially when the patient is placed in a lithotomy position. The crutch gel pads are designed to fit most of the stirrups in the operating or examination room.

Product Code Dim (mm)
030A001 320 X 220 X 10

Universal Gel Pad

The Universal Gel Pad can be used as:-
  • Pediatric gel pad for pediatric patients during surgeries
  • Incubator pad providing comforting base for neonates from protection against nerve damage
  • Hip pad for Orthopedic table tops
  • Mattress overlay in hospital beds

Product Code Dim (mm)
040A001 510 X 35 X 10


Sacral Pad

  • The Sacral Pad is commonly used for supine and lithotomy positions when there is not enough support to the sacral area
  • The Sacral Pad provides the required support to the patients not only on the Sacral area but also in the peripheral region

Product Code Dim (mm)
043A001 400 X 380 X 25

Dome Positioner

The dome positioner or also the chest roll can be used to:
  • Support shoulder during spine surgery
  • Support the back during lateral positioning
  • Support under the knee when required
  • To raise and protect the heels when required

Product Code Dim (mm)
510 X 150 X 160
510 X 150 X 120
510 X 150 X 90

Prone Position Gel Bed

The prone Position Gel Bed can be used to
  • Relieve the chest in prone position thereby maintaining better respiratory function.
  • Protect the hip and chest for extended surgeries requiring prone position.

Product Code Dim (mm)
052A001 600 X 490 X 180

Flat Prone Gel Bed

  • The Flat Prone Gel Bed provides very good support to the patient placed in a prone position
  • It eliminates the need to use the bolsters which often require accurate positioning while the patient is placed in prone
  • The Prone Gel bed design relives the abdomen thereby assisting the patient in keeping a normal breathing rate while in anesthesia
  • The Flat Prone Gel is commonly used for spinal procedures

Product Code Dim (mm)
053A0041 650 X 460 X 130

Knee/Arm-Board Gel Pad

The knee and the Arm-Board gel pad
can be used to protect

  • Knee and the Arm in Prone Position
  • Upper Arm in Prone and Lateral Positions.

Product Code Dim (mm)
070A001 500 X 150 X 35


The neonatal set is used to position the neonates during surgeries in all supine and prone positions. The Gel Pads in the neonatal set are intended to also protect the delicate nerves and muscles of the neonate during a surgery. The neonatal set also provides excellent comfort for a neonate in the neonatal intensive care unit. The Universal Pad can be used as a mattress overlay in the incubators.

The Head Cradle is used to support the neonates head while in the warmer or incubators, especially when the neonate is on ventilator or other respiratory support. It is available in two sizes; preterm and full term size. The neonatal rolls can serve multiple purposes. They can ideally be used to support the neck in the supine position; support and protect the chest of the neonate in the prone position. The neonatal rolls come in 3 sizes and can be used accordingly for both preterm and full terms.

Phototherapy Gel Pad

The phototherapy Gel pad is made of 100% silicone gel and can be used in a neonatal intensive care unit. The gel pad is transparent and can be used under the infant during double surface phototherapy. The gel pad protects the delicate skin and nerves of the infant, especially the pre-term infants. The phototherapy gel pad can also be used while the infant is placed in the warmer. The gel pad will heat only up to the warmer set temperature and provide the infant with the warmth during the on-off cycles of a standard warmer as well as during an abrupt power disruption. The phototherapy gel pad can be washed and cleaned using standard disinfectants.

Product Code Dim (mm)
042A001 510 X 350 X 10

Universal Pad

Head Cradle

Neonatal Roll

Mini Head Base

Mini Horseshoe

Mini Head Ring

Product Product Code Dimensions (mm)
Mini Horseshoe 051A001 ø 90 X 20
Mini Head Ring 061A001 ø 90 X 20
Mini Head Base 021A001 ø 90 X 20
Universal Pad 040A001 510 X 350 X 10
Head Cradle (Preterm) 023A001 135 X 155 X 52
Head Cradle ( Full Term) 024A001 185 X 155 X 72
Neonatal Roll 082A001 38 X 38 120
Neonatal Roll 083A001 30 X 20 X 120
Neonatal Roll 084A001 25 X 25 X 120

Universal Gel Pillows

Universal Gel Pillows are available in different sizes .They can be effectively used for Supine, Prone & Lateral Position for pressure relief.

Product Product Code Dimensions (mm)
Universal Gel Pillow Mini 044A001 160 X 80 X 40
Universal Gel Pillow Small 045A001 330 X 70 X 50
Universal Gel Pillow Regular 046A001 330 X 120 X 60
Universal Gel Pillow Large 047A001 360 X 120 X 70

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