Foam Based


Dome Positioner – Foam

The foam based dome positioner is an economical solution to positioning the patient during prone position. The dome positioner is normally used as a bolster to support the chest and the pelvic region of the patient, hence relieving the stomach to allow adequate contraction and expansion during respiration. Additionally, the dome positioner can also be used to support the back during lateral positioning, and to support the popliteal fossa during the supine position.

Product Code Dim (mm)
510 X 150 X 150
510 X 150 X 110
510 X 150 X 80

Knee/Arm-Rest FoamPad

The Knee Arm Rest Foam Pad is an economical option to support the knee and arm of the patient during prone position. It can also be used to support the upper arm in lateral positions.

Product Code Dim (mm)
071A001 500 X 150 X 45


Head Rest – Foam

The Foam Head Rest can be used when the patient is placed in the supine position during the surgery. The Foam Head Rest is an economical product providing excellent comfort. It is of great assistance to the anesthetist to position the head of the patient especially when limited motion of the head and the cervical spine is required. The contour of the head rest provides a cradle to rest the head of the patient.

Product Code Dim (mm)
062A001 ΓΈ 230 X 75

Prone Head Rest – Foam

The prone head rest is used to position the patients head while in prone position. The prone head rest provides passageways for intubation tubes. The prone head rest is made of foam and provides an economical option for the anesthetist. The prone head rest supports both the head and chin of the patient while placed in the prone position.

Product Code Dim (mm)
054A001 260 X 235 X 145

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